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Cargo Insurance Agreement

  1. If there is any lost or damaged item, this certificate must be brought to claim within 7 days. The company is no longer responsible after this period.
  2.  The company does not accept transportation and is not responsible for any flammable, explosive, poisonous or illegal products.
  3.  The shipper must be responsible for the thinner and various chemicals if there is leakage and damage to other goods.
  4.  The company is not responsible for the glass packed in the package if the package is not broken.
  5.  The freighter will pay for the goods price if the delivered product is lost or damaged – In the case of miscellaneous transport: not more than 500 baht, unless the shipper has already assessed the price of the product with the company, otherwise the company will not be responsible. – In the case of express delivery: not more than 2,000 baht, unless the shipper has already assessed the product price with the company, otherwise the company will not be responsible.
  6.  The freighter will collect the money from the originating sender or the receiver at the destination. If the freight is not be paid, the freighter has the right to withhold the goods until the freight is received without being responsible for any damage of the goods.
  7. The carrier is not responsible if the delivered product is lost, damaged, or delivered late due to accident, depredation, force majeure, caused by the deterioration of the product itself, or by the fault of the sender or receiver.
  8.  If your partner shop or department store returns the product to you, or if the recipient does not accept the product, the sender must return it and pay the full shipping cost within 7 days after the receiver has returned the goods to the freight forwarder (case by case), assuming that the shipper has been informed of the return without further notification. If the sender fails to collect the goods back, the freight charge is 10 baht per day/per 1 item. If the sender does not pick up the product after 45 days, it will be assumed that the sender has waived all rights in the goods. The company has the right to destroy or store the goods as proper without having any right to claim any damages.
  9.  The sender has read and accepted all agreements mentioned above in exception or responsibility limitation of the shipper under Civil and Commercial Code, Section 625.
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