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+ We have 4 types of services as follows:

1. EXPRESS SERVICE an express service, a multi-piece shipment type. The products can be delivered within the specified time by 24 hours.

2. TRANSPORTATION SERVICE chartered car transportation that transported goods from the origin, which is the warehouse of the customer’s company, to the destination such as a shop or the destination warehouse, within the specified time by 13-15 hours.

3. WAREHOUSING AND LOGISTICS SERVICE a full-service warehouse maintenance and delivery. We provide warehouse-keeping service and distribute products to various centers or specific destinations as requested.

4.MISCELLANEOUS TRANSPORT the transportation of goods from the origin – the company’s delivery station – to the destination, such as a shop or the specific destination as requested within 48 hours.

We have standard pricing calculations based on beer crate standards, calculated by the product dimension (LWH) and by product weight.

It depends on the type of service as follows:

- Express delivery: The end customer will receive the product within 24 hours after we received the product.

- General delivery: The end customer will receive the product within 48 hours after we received the product.

We are open from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

We do not limit the weight of the delivered products. But we limit the length of the product to not more than 2.40 meters and it is a product delivered in the district. By sending outside the district, customers have to pick them up at our own distribution center.

The end customer will receive the product within 2-3 days from the date we receive the product.

The customer should pack the product properly. If the customer is not convenient to pack, we provide packaging services such as by air bubble wrap, corrugated paper or wooden crates. The service cost is calculated by cubic meters.

Our service centers are located in 6 areas: Chiang Mai branch, Nakhon Sawan branch, Phitsanulok branch, Udon Thani branch, Khon Kaen branch, and Nakhon Ratchasima branch.

We provide both prepayment and payment on delivery (COD).

You can check the status of the product via the website, and hotline 087-598-1010, 063-391-4343

We have 500 baht as a damaging warranty per 1 consignment note.

The product (including the outer packaging) must be in perfect condition. If the product is found to be in an incomplete condition, the recipient may refuse to receive the goods. However, if you wish to report a claim, you can notify within 7 days after receiving the product only by contacting 081-1421-9320, 087-5980606, 087-5981010 , 087-7598-0303. Between Monday - Saturday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (excluding public holidays)

Note: Customers cannot claim when the product (including outer packaging) is in perfect condition. The company is denying such responsibility if the item was found broken or damaged within the package after the recipient has already signed for the product.

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