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We are leading one-stop service logistics service provider in Thailand,
with many distribution centers covering all over the country ,providing quality service and better innovations.

7 branches of service center

1. Head Office 087-598-0303, 087-593-1010, 063-391-4343, 061-012-0430, 061-012-0297, 061-009-9025
2. Baan Tawai Branch (Chiang Mai sub-branch) 061-012-4825 ,061-009-5895
3. PRNL Chiang Mai branch 081-205-3102, 085-107-8317, 081-205-3643
4. PRNL Khon Kaen Branch 062-729-9993, 061-012-2197, 061-009-1732
5. PRNL Ratchasima Branch 061-012-1102, 061-817-0333
6. PRNL Phitsanulok Branch 096-801-3101, 061-009-4014, 061-012-1606
7. PRNL Udon Thani Branch 061-012-1493, 086-365-0552
8. สาขาอุดรธานี +66(0)87-598-030-3

We are the one-stop logistics service provider

We have a wide range of vehicles to pick from.

Professional Support & Services

Team Quality Services

Call Center ( One stop services)

We have a united coordination agent that helps give advice to customers, makes it easy for customers to contact and check the price before shipping conveniently, we have a wide range of services.

IT & GPS ระบบ SOFTWARE ในการติดตามการขนส่ง

We are using the GPS system that will allow the customer to know the status of the product at any time.

Planning and Supply

We have planned both proactively and passively in order to achieve service efficiency and maximum value whether for a small or large group of customers.

Warehousing and Logistics Service

We have a large warehouse that is able to store goods for delivery, both inbound and outbound, for flexibility and efficiency.

Realtime Maintenance

The company has a maintenance team stand by for 24 hours, both onsite and offsite, in order to assure that the goods will be delivered to the customers’ hands on time.


081-421-9320, 087-598-0606,
087-598-1010, 087-598-0303

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