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1. Choose the right size box for your produc

Before starting to pack the product, the store must choose the packaging that is fit for the product. If your product is clothes, towels, or products that can withstand a crash, you should pack it with a plastic package. But if it is a fragile product that is easy to be damaged, you should choose a parcel box that is the right size for the product. It should not be too large that the products can move around in boxes easily and should not fit too well so there’s not enough space to relieve during transportation.

2. Wrap the product tightly

Packing things safely is not just to putting them into the box and sealing it with scotch tape but you should strengthen the product to be able to bear the crash. Wrapping it with the bubble before packing. If it is a clothing product, it should be placed in a clear plastic envelope for one more layer to prevent the product from getting wet or soiled by touching the packaging.

3. Reduce the gap in the box

After placing the product in the box, there is still some space in the box that keeps the product moving. Please fill that area by pasting the scraps of newspaper, bubble wrap, or shredded paper to reinforce as an absorber and lock the product in place to prevent damage.

4. Pack the outer of the package tightly

If the package inside is already tight, the outer box should also be sealed with scotch tapes on both the top and bottom. Then tie a rope on the parcel over one more layer to ensure that the goods are tight, and safe to allow the staff to easily pick up our parcels.

5. Label or write “FRAGILE” on the box

If the product is easily damaged, you have to put a sign or write on the front of the box that it is "FRAGILE". This will make the staff more careful when delivering our products. We are sure that they don’t want to pay for the product claim in case they accidentally damage our products as well.
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