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Customer Feedback

Sample case: GAMBO shoes

GAMBO is a casual shoe brand for teenagers with colorful designs and its quality. Our shoes are in boxed, so we can move it slowly and there is a limited time to enter the mall. Phattharanakhon Logistics Co., Ltd. is a transportation company that has come to help solve this problem very well. They provided a product inspection management system, the barcodes, and can specify the delivery times. 

Sample case: Khun Pantira Mueanphan, Gold City Footwear Co., Ltd.

Gold City Footwear Co., Ltd. distributes sports footwear and clothing products under the Gold City brand, GC fast, and other brands. We have been trusted by customers for more than 60 years in quality and service. We known Phattharanakhon Logistics Co., Ltd. by the word-of-mouth recommendations of Gold City’s customers who talk about their impression of Phattharanakhon’s service and from the public relations of the company itself. This makes us know that there is a shipping company located in the shoe manufacturing area with a well-organized process of managing goods. There is a service team who stand by to receive the goods, ready to serve you in a friendly manner. And most importantly, the transportation cost is reasonable compared to its premium service quality.

Sample case: Mr. Jaruwan Sirinupong, Central Air Thailand Co., Ltd.

We are a manufacturer and distributor of air conditioners under the Central Air brand, which is a Thai brand. There are many types of air conditioner – from small to large – this makes the delivery to be very careful. So, Phattharanakhon Logistics Co., Ltd. is the most qualified company according to our desire.

Sample case: Khun Wanwanat Laowakul, Waek-Naew Shop

A manufacturer and distributor of all kinds of furniture products. It has been in operation for 12 years. Most of the products are quite heavy, therefore, it is necessary to use the transportation service of an expert company that has experience in moving, which Phattharanakhon Logistics Co., Ltd. is able to deliver goods without damaging and on time as required.

Sample case: Khun Phakchuda Wannasuphalap, Dao Handmade Shop

Our shop is located at Ban Tawai Handicraft Center, Zone 2 and Zone 99. We have been in operation since 1997. We are the shop that produces and distributes handcrafted furniture with many customers both domestically and abroad. We choose Phattharanakhon Logistics Co., Ltd. because it provides great quality in transportation services, including after-sales service. The system has always been modified to be up-to-date, better than ever.

Sample case: Mr. Wasan Dechakan, the Associated President of the Tawai Village Handicraft Center and Vice Chairman of the Council of Tourism Industry, Chiang Mai Province

Generally, the transport valuation and transportation costs will not be assessed immediately. Most of the products must be taken to the companies that provide those transportation services to evaluate first, causing difficulty in moving to assess, but Phattharanakhon Logistics Co., Ltd. can estimate the price of the product immediately. Just provide the product details, dimensions, width-length-height, and delivery location – that’s all, then the company will inform the price immediately.

Sample case: Mr. Yuthaphong Ruangsiri, Chiang Mai Healthy Products Co., Ltd.

We have been in the beekeeping business for more than 40 years as product purchaser from farmers and beekeepers. We’re the distributor of healthy products from bees such as honey, honey milk, bee pollen and raw materials of honey used in various industries. The transportation process is important which must be delivered promptly to the consumer, therefore, the need for a transport company with an understanding of our products, which Phattharanakhon Logistics Co., Ltd. is perfect fits to our desire.

Sample case: Mr. Pairote Chanhom, SK Social Enterprise and Intertrade Group Co., Ltd.

Operating bag manufacturing business supporting those who sell the bags in the Central Department Store and many tourist attractions until able to export the products abroad. After that, we were started looking for a company that can deliver goods to the seller until we met Phattharanakhon Logistics company. Then we received feedback from customers that this service of Phattharanakhon Logistics Co., Ltd. is excellent in terms of transportation that meet the needs of customers. There are also affiliated companies that can support our business very well such as raw materials in the production of sponges, foams, or other equipment used in the manufacture of bags. This makes us run our business happily and smoothly.

Sample case: Khun Pitch-arpa Teerasawad, Lannana Collection Shop.

We are a factory that produces the product from old teak in Lamphun Province. It has been very difficult to transport goods to customers in Chiang Mai because there is no transport company come to pick up the product at the location like Phattharanakhon Logistics Co., Ltd. After using the service, it allows our factory to sell more products and dare to make more decisions about selling products without having to worry about how to deliver the goods in time. In addition, Phattharanakhon Logistics Co., Ltd. can also collect freight charges from both origin and destination. Also, they have a delivery service to the location directly.

Sample case: Khun Ladda Jinanang, Ban Mo Mango Wood Restaurant

We are a shop that sells products from local wisdom that brings mango wood to develop into a variety of products. So, moving goods must be a high level of understanding in the product and caution. Phattharanakhon Logistics Co., Ltd. is our best choice. They have expertise in transportation, providing fast delivery.

The sample : Khun Siripop Pawararamphak, Baan Manee Sa Paper Shop

We are a paper mill at Bo Sang, established in 1997. There are various products over 2000 designs, such as albums, notebooks, photo frames, bags, boxes, as well as made-to-order products. We prefer the service of because of the speed in receiving the product, the staff comes to get the goods on time, contact and coordinate appropriately.

The sample : Khun Aranya Khanunpan, Rom Luang Tung Ngam Shop

We use the service of Phattharanakhon Logistics Co., Ltd. because it is located near the Bo Sang area. The service is excellent, also friendly staff.

The sample : Khun Thana Chaithanakankul, Sogo shop

The manufacturer and distributor of school uniforms and sports equipment. One of Thailand’s leading brands that chooses Phattharanakhon Logistics Co., Ltd. service because it has the most distribution centers in the Northeastern region. Faster delivery at a reasonable price.

The sample : Khun Thipparat Limchoey, Ratchasima Pro Air Shop

We distribute all brands of air conditioners in different sizes. We choose Phattharanakhon Logistics Co., Ltd. service because we can see the shipping costs without having to call and ask. The service is fast and impressive.

The sample : Khun Nattarin Ungchotipaisarn JS One Auto Work Co., Ltd.

We are a tire dealer for many brands and are a one-stop-service car center that chooses Phattharanakhon Logistics Co., Ltd. service because it offers a chartered and miscellaneous service at affordable prices and excellent service. If you have a problem with transportation, you can consult with Phattharanakhon Logistics Co., Ltd. , you will get an impressive response with friendly service.

The sample : Khun Sudarat Chuen-ura, Napapat Co., Ltd.,

The wholesales of all kinds of shoes – both student shoes and casual shoes at a friendly price – that chooses Phattharanakhon Logistics Co., Ltd. service because of excellent transportation – the goods are always in good condition when delivered to hand. Also, an impressive service because of their friendliness. Most important thing is to be able to track the product to avoid an opportunity for sale.

The sample : Khun Nakritsada Sathitthamanit, Cockpit Ajakjak Rubber Co., Ltd.

We are the largest one-stop-service center for tires and alloy wheels in the Northeastern region. The service of Phattharanakhon Logistics Co., Ltd. meets our needs very well.

The sample : Khun Kornnipa Sabunma, Thai Pipat Tool and Home Mart Co., Ltd.

We distribute construction products and materials. We choose Phattharanakhon Logistics Co., Ltd.service due to the speed of the delivery.

The sample : Khun Sarocha Nimkawat, Big Lock Home Production Co., Ltd.

We distribute construction products and building materials – from the basement to the roof of the house – to the house contractor and shop owners. We use Phattharanakhon Logistics Co., Ltd. service because of its fast, perfect, and accurate delivery. They helped us to get a good response and impressive feedback from customers.

The sample : Khun Patitta Yingnansuk, Heng Charoen Paint Shop

We distribute automotive paint products, repairs, and mix all kinds of car paints. Our main customers are spray paint garages and general customers. We choose Phattharanakhon Logistics Co., Ltd. service because of its fast service, the products are arranged neatly so that we are very impressed.

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